Stateless Traffic Generation up to 800G (VALKYRIE)

Valkyrie is a full-featured stateless traffic generator and analysis platform. It is used to configure and generate Layer 2-3 Ethernet traffic – at all speeds up to 800GE – and analyze how network devices and services perform in response. This makes it ideal for most lab-based data-plane test scenarios.

  • Valkyrie software includes the main management app, 4 standalone apps, plus automation & CLI scripting tools
  • Multiple users in different locations can use Valkyrie to monitor test results on different devices simultaneously
  • Valkyrie offers a wide range of hardware components — multiple chassis options and test modules for all scenarios from
    10/100Mbps to high-port density 800GE testing
  • Valkyrie is used for different types of tests on many different DUTs

Network Impairment Emulator (CHIMERA)

Lab-based testing typically means testing under ideal conditions. Frequently, however NEMs want to measure performance under more realistic network conditions or “worst-case scenarios”.

Using a standard traffic generator makes it easy to generate well-defined “predictable” traffic. But as network behavior is often unpredictable —due to signal latency and other forms of impairment- another solution is needed.

Chimera makes it easy to introduce consistent, accurate, Well-defined and repeatable impairments to the traffic between the DUTs —in the lab.

Chimera can be installed in a valkyrie chassis where it adds impairment seamlessly to the traffic being generated by the Other Valkyrie test modules.

Or Chimera can function as a standalone traffic impairment emulator (i.e. without the Valkyrie traffic generator)